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RE: [IPk] Re:funded pumps

John Davis very kindly put together some typical detailed costings for
running a pump, with help from Disetronic and MiniMed. He has put these on
the INPUT website at


He was reckoning on changing a Tender every 3 days. I don't - I only get 2
days from a Tender, so my infusion set costs would be about 50% higher.

List price for a Tender is 5.25 pounds, or 640.50 pounds per year changing
every 3 days, or 960.75 pounds changing every 2 days. Silhouette (identical
product but marketted by MiniMed) has a list price of 5.89, which is 718.58
per year changing every 3 days or 1077.87 changing every 2 days.

SofSets QR are 786.90 or 1180.35 per year respectively.

Batteries: Disetronic H-TRON 99 pound per year, MiniMed 508 40 pound per year.

Insulin cartridges: Disetronic H-TRON plastic 43.80 pound per year, MiniMed
508 45.62 pound per year.

And then there are skin cleansing lotions, tapes and preparations which
some people use.

So a broad figure is 800-1200 pounds  a year for consumables, depending on
how often you change your infusion set.

And the cost of the pump, assuming an 8 year life and servicing, work out
at 375 pound a year for an H-TRON and 272.50 pound a year for a MiniMed
508. The new D-TRON may have a different pricing.

Miles - I've never sought information about who pays themself, who gets it
from the NHS and who gets it from a charity. I'm worried that any replies
we get would be hopelessly skewed: are self funders more likely to join
this list? Would the NHS-funded be shy to say so? What about all those who
would like to pump but can't afford it? I do know there are those who have
campaigned for years, and finally got NHS funding, and those who went to a
private diabetes specialist and were on the pump self-funded within a week
or two. Most of us lie between those extremes I'm sure.


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