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Re: [IPk] Re:funded pumps

Hello Miles

Speaking as a representative from Disetronic, I personally would never tell
a patient that the annual running costs for pump therapy are #650 per year!

Based on the H-TRON, I alway base costings on the things you should really
replace on a regular basis, ie piston rod and adapter coupled with the cost
of cartridges and tenders and if you based those costs around changing the
tender ever 3 days, you are looking at an annual running cost of
approximately #850, but this can certainly go up if you need to change the
infusion set more regularly. You tend to no pay less than #700, but
hopefully not more than #900.

Regarding the D-TRON, the adapter costs will balance out the savings you
make in cartridges.  If you change the disposable adapter every time, as
recommended, then you are adding #150-#200 a year on average to your
consumable bill, if you don't change every time, which appears to be more
common place, the costings are pretty much the same as the H-TRON.

I'm very sorry if someone has mislead you, I always over-estimate costings,
especially if the patient has to self-fund, you need to know the reality of
the situation at the end of the day.

Kind regards

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