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RE: [IPk] Re:funded pumps

Hello Miles, Hello group,

My experience is with Minimed - it was made clear to me at the outset the
peripherals would be about a thousand pounds a year.  In practice and
without (I think!) cutting too many corners it seems to be working out
about right for me so far.  That doesn't include cases, etc. 

I looked into buying batteries in bulk and didn't find much of a price
difference between the Minimed ones and alternative sources.  The Minimed
ones seem to be of a more consistent quality - lasting about a month. 
I've had a set bought from an electronics shop on the Tottenham Court
Road give out after a week.  Probably been in the shop for decades...

As they say, YMMV.  I change sites twice a week and have probably one or
two days a week where I have the pump concealed and use the remote
instead of pressing the buttons.  It must make quite a difference how
long people can keep a site going and how much extra effort (remotes,
buzzers etc) they ask of their batteries.  The teflon sets work out at
over #6 a go - that's quite a lot over a year if you need to change them

Bye for now


Having brought up the pumps are available to everyone but only if self
funded how many members of this news group have completely funded pumps?
And also how many were sold them and told the running costs would be
greatlyless than thy are currently paying. I have a Disetronic and was
told the running cost would be in the region of #650.00 pa when in actual
fact they are closer o #1200 if I used all the consumables as suggested
by the manufacturer. Is this the same with Minimed?


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