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Re: [IPk] Re: glucowatch


I think it depends on what you want it to do and what it was designed to 
do, which may be two slightly different things.

As a piece of new technology to measure BG levels with finger pricking it 
has to be good news and some could say it has been a long time coming. The 
fact that at the moment it can't be used as a direct replacement for BG 
testing or cannot be used under some circumstances is understandable 
because the technology is new and it has only had a limited testing & 
development. Know doubt with time it will be a suitable alternative to BG 

In terms of reliability and accuracy, I think if you look back at when BG 
meters were first introduced - how accurate and reliable were they at the 
time and particularly if you compare them with todays meters.

In terms of availability, again when BG meters were first introduced I 
don't believe they were instantly available to everybody. Today, insulin 
pumps are only available from selected diabetic clinics in the UK.

Potentally it is a useful product and no doubt in a few years time we will 
all be using some form of non-invasive technology to measure our BGs and 
wondering about all the fuss was about. I have no doubt that at some time 
in the future continuous blood glucose monitors will be linked to pumps 
with some very sophisticated software to create an some form of artificial 


>I think this has been advertised
>totally wrong its definatly been advertised as something dosn't do what WE
>want, and at a great expense, no wonder they are offering a 30 day trial.
>      I would be very interested in seeing the results of the 30 day return
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