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Re: [IPk] Cells and Genes

Hi Ingrid

     On cable tv the other night there was a brill program on the
transplanting of pigs genes, I missed the first bit but what I gathered this
women had a serious brain illness but they could transplant these genes,
anyway this all went well they showed the removal of genes from pigs
foetuses etc.
     Then the frightening bit the woman was advised not to have children,
the reason being that apparantly pigs carry 50 viruses which man dosn't know
the outcome of, thus man carries its own set of viruses and they dont know
what affect these could have, when the two get mixed, one doctor was totally
against the use of this as he called it "frankenstein experiments" he said
not now but maybe 50 or a 100 years for example the genetics of a person
maybe totally altered.
      I'm not qualified on the medical side of it but I found it concerning
that this could happen, did anyone else see the program?, I am all for the
reserch and except there must be some risks involved but are we trying to
run before we can walk just to provide cures for people now and not really
reserching the long term possibilities.

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