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blood when removing a set was RE: [IPk] the longest...

Hi Zoe -

That happened to me quite recently. I pulled the set out and developed a
geyser of blood. What happened? I was staying with a group of people and
first I yelled help, I'm not joking, so someone came and got me tissues, and
then I sent that person downstairs for Di, for the comfort of another pumper
while I bled profusely, and because she's been pumping longer than me so I
thought she might have experienced this before. And she had, and said it
would be fine in a minute, and it was, and I didn't even bruise much. I
absolutely poured blood.

I had another, much smaller similar event once when I removed a set from my
abdomen. It was earlier days and at the time I was very consciencious (sp?)
about having tissue paper, etc., with me. Well, when I went to the loo that
morning there were no paper towels (I used often change my set at work), and
I decided not to bother going to a different loo to get paper. Blood welled
up when I pulled the set out and I had to slouch down in my chair to try and
keep it from running down my sides. Luckily, some colleagues were coming to
fetch me for breakfast and they fetched paper towels for me before we went
to the canteen.

It's very unpleasant and upsetting, but nothing to worry about.

BTW, congrats on the fab A1c improvement! I didn't expect much improvement
in mine when I went on the pump because I was already at 6.6, but my next
one was 6.0. I put the improvement down to better overnight control.

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