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Re: [IPk] Re: depression

Do you use the H-tron David? As I
> understand it you can upgrade to the D-tron for no extra cost can't you?
> Only you get one pump instead of two.
>seroxat most helpful (after months and months on several useless drugs I
> finally found one which worked).

Hi Zoe,

Yes I am on the H-tron and yes Disetronic do have an upgrade package but
unfortunatly I am funded by my hospital through charitable donations and was
only given one pump out of the two pump package etc so the full price wasn't
paid as far as I know so I'm not eligable, perhaps Estelle could look into
     I am still very gratefull for the one I have but I think I might be
taking the P to ask for more as funding everywhere is very limited.
     I'm currently on seroxat and have been now for 4 months but alas at the
moment its not to good and I'm pretty low at the moment, I have been on
various anti-depressants but they all seem to have no effect after a period
of time.
I did actually have about 18 months off anti-d's
a couple of years ago but thats about it.
     I use to turn the alarm off especially when hypo because it agravates
me but the same as you I'd forget to turn it back on again.
     I still use the long tubing and my main reason is at night in bed I can
roll over without it pulling or getting caught, I found the shorter ones use
to pull if I moved about too much.
     I have only ever taken the pump of for a couple of hours mainly after a
bad hypo, but no longer, I have thought about it but I know what I was like
before the pump, I cant see the problem it is entirely upto you, but
obviously you might not get the quality of control.
     I can understand the bikini problem not that I've worn or wish to wear
one, but its not the sought of thing that you can hide in a swim suit is it?
I just tell people its my lunchbox!

     By the way I have a wicked sense of humour.

By for now

     And yes I do have a wicked sense of humour
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