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[IPk] RE: Zoe's dilema


I had a thought re how your tubing gets caught on stuff and underfoot.  Are
you using the longer length of tubing available with your sets?  You probably
don't need to if you are.  I find the 23-inch tubing for my
Silhouette/Tender/whatever sets works just fine.  I can coil and stuff it just
inside the waistband of my underwear to keep it out of harm's way, letting
only as much tubing out of the waistband of my trousers or skirt as I have to
(usually 3-4 inches).  Not only is the tubing less noticeable that way, but I
don't catch on doorknobs as easily.  Also, though I'm sure not a whole lot of
insulin goes to waste when one throws out a used length of tubing, less
certainly goes out with the shorter size.

IDDM 7 years; MiniMed pumper 5 years; moving to the UK in 9 weeks (!) but
stuck in podunk Mississippi for another 5 weeks.....
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