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[IPk] Re: depression

>      Yes those b***dy cartridges they are a right pain, and they always
> to run out just as your going out of the door,
> I am considering buying the D-tron, I think mainly I hate knowing their is
> product that does more and could make life just a fraction simpler and I
> havn't got it, a bit selfish I know, but I've got the diabetes and I want
> the best no matter what.

The problem  with the H-tron is it alarms at 20 units left and then not at
all so I often switch the alarm off thinking I've got about a days worth
left and then forget to change it, only noticing when my bg goes up and
won't come down that it is in fact empty.  Do you use the H-tron David? As I
understand it you can upgrade to the D-tron for no extra cost can't you?
Only you get one pump instead of two.

>     Another matter I would like to mention is depression I know it was
> mentioned some time back I think by Hilly, I'am afraid to say this is
> something else I suffer from in fact I suffer very badly and I have done
> since I was 14-15, 3 years after the diabetes started,

I guess we all get down with this damn condition some times, but I also had
a clinical depression when I was about 21, perhaps it is true that diabetes
affects parts of the brain making us more susceptible. Anyway, I found
seroxat most helpful (after months and months on several useless drugs I
finally found one which worked). Hope you're not too down - you sound like
you still have your sense of humour...........!

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