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Re: [IPk] RE: Zoe's dilema

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From: "Zoe" <email @ redacted>

keeps falling out or the tube gets
> caught on things (especially on my daughter's feet),
> and in a way it forces me to test my bg much more often that I would if I
didn't have it.
> which means I try to keep my infusion sets in for 4-5 days (I'm sure a lot
of people must try to prolong their
> lifespan) which is obviously not ideal.

Hi Zoe,
     Yes those b***dy cartridges they are a right pain, and they always seem
to run out just as your going out of the door,
I am considering buying the D-tron, I think mainly I hate knowing their is a
product that does more and could make life just a fraction simpler and I
havn't got it, a bit selfish I know, but I've got the diabetes and I want
the best no matter what.
    As for the tubing I'm sure its got a relationship with our baby gate as
every time I walk past one they become very attatched and I only find out
when the blooming thing is tugging at me or the clunk of the pump swinging
into the gate.
    Another matter I would like to mention is depression I know it was
mentioned some time back I think by Hilly, I'am afraid to say this is
something else I suffer from in fact I suffer very badly and I have done
since I was 14-15, 3 years after the diabetes started,
but I had spent almost the first 12 years in and out of hospital with
servere kidney problems. At first it was all blaimed on my childhood which i
thought was normal, but now its all boiled down to the various illnesses I
suffer or should I say the diabetes and the complications I have.
     The depression as I have noticed really creates problems with my Bg's
it can fluctuate very rapidly for no reason at all , and it is something
even my doctors have actually accepted will not be completly controlled but
the pump has now kept me out of hospital for 18 months which for me is
     When i'm very depressed it is virtually impossible to get good control,
not nessessarily high bgs but it can be very irratic to say the least, also
my bgs can drop extremly rapidly for no reason.
     I also have problems with hypos, not detecting them as I do get good
warnings but around 8.0 I start to lose concentration
6.0 I sweat badly,shake and concertration is poor, 4.0 or lower is absolutly
terrible badly blurred vision often sickness and they suggest turning the
pump off at 4.0 ha ha, I've had this problem on various insulins so I don't
think its the insulin, any ideas?.
     I've found also if say I don't test for a few hours and my bgs have
risen I still find I feel fine in the mid teens and twenties could these
factors be related to neuropathy, with the bodies ability with sensations.
     And lastly (great you all say) since being on the pump as I've said no
addmissions,which is great my actual all round health I would say is better
less viruses, colds, infections etc but my HB1ac before the pump was between
6-8 but with lots of hypos and addmissions with DKA now my last 2 HB'S have
been 8.8 & 9.4 not very good but what can I do I eat very healthy, test 8-12
times daily and am fairly fit considering.
     Oh nearly forgot the hospital appointment still stands at 13 months, my
foot is fairly ok but I was told when I complained about the service by the
stuck up, penpushing, jobsworth, bureaucratic, labotomised, computer
programed, no heart or sensation feeling person, that they cant just give
out emergency appointments as they have 10,000 patients, I did mention to
the said person that were all 10,000 trying to get an emergency appointment
on that day, and they asked was I trying to be funny?, its good this health
isn't it, anyway they told me next time I need an emergency appointment
write in to them because its quicker.

And yes I am serious.

Best regards

Dave 1 in 10,000
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