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[IPk] Celebrating (groan) 17 Years on Insulin

A little milestone has just passed.  Way back in June 1984 I was
diagnosed as Type 1 (when 25 years old) and put on Monotard (still my
favourite insulin by the way!).  What a 17 years it's been too!  So
much has happened in my life aside from the much hated diabetes.  But
it's great to know that in spite of this disease I have got on with

Diabetes has been a struggle for me I'll be 100% honest.  I have
managed to do some amazing things despite it.  I encourage you all to
persavere with your dreams and aspirations.  Our successes and
failures are a testament to the spirit of mankind.  We triumph and we

Mike (still smiling!!!!!!) in New Zealand.
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