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[IPk] Re: kidney disease

>I have microalbuminuria and would like a copy of the article as above.
>Would you mind sending it to me please.
>I have been given ACE Inhibitors to control the pressure in my kidneys,
>which seems to be working OK.
>I didn't realise that the condition gets worse and worse until a transplant
>is required.  I assumed that I was OK taking the ACE Inhibitors.  My doctor
>did say that I would be taking them forever but he didn't mention my kidneys
>getting any worse.
>The article should help.

Hi Wendy
Oh, you're probably at about the same stage as me then.
Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
I didn't mean that you necessarily progress from one stage to the next.
That's only the worst case. 
It's the same as retinopathy  - the condition can remain stable for years,
or even forever, or it can continue to deteriorate. Whether it does or not
depends on a variety of factors, but keeping your BP and BG under control
will definitely help.
And so should the ACE inhibitors. I'm on them too.

I'll send you the article privately as it's quite long.
If anyone else wants it let me know - I can't remember where I got it from
I'm afraid.
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