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RE: [IPk] retinopathy

On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, you wrote:
>di i m so sorry i thought that retinophathy was the kidneys.i get those 2 mixed up.mine is the
>kidneys.not the mico it's the next stage.i've been trying to find out what to look for next.it's called
>macro something,and then there is a point where you go on dialiys(spelling) and then kidney
>has to be replaced.we must take what we are dealt huh?i had beginning retinophothy for a few
>yrs but the last visit didnt show any. i do have slight cateracts.is that beginning of what you are
>talking about.i never seemed to want to know any of this for 30 yrs now im obsessed.take care
>and have a blessed day.thanks for any info you have to share.

Hi Sharon
I thought it was the kidneys you had problems with!
 Retinopathy is the eyes, nephropathy is the kidneys.
 I have a very good article about kidney disease from somewhere - uf you
want I'll send it to you privately (it's quite long).
 Basically, from what I remember, 
small amounts of protein in the urine is microalbuminuria (which is what I
have), the next stage where you have larger amounts is proteinuria which 
is also called macroalbuminuria.
That sounds like what you have.
The following stage is called ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease) which is where
the kidneys pack up altogether, and you either need dialysis or a
Let me know if you want the article.

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