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RE: [IPk] retinopathy

On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, you wrote:
>hi di please tell me more about the proliferative retinophathy if you 
>would.i have macro (something) which stage is that?i know it's worse than 
>the first stage.i am on lestril .10.

Hi Sharon
Is it something to do with your kidneys? Or your eyes?
I seem to remember you saying about your kidneys before, but I might be
wrong. If so, it might be microalbuminuria (sp?) that you have? If it's an
eye thing, then the two stages of retinopathy are background and then
proliferative. but there are other things you can also have, such as
macular degeneration (which I don't think is specific to DM though). Or
macular oedema? That's a swelling of the macular due to leaking fluid from
the blood vessels in the retina. You can get that with either stage of
retinopathy, and it can cause blurred vision (I have that too).
What do you want to know about the retinopathy?
I have 1/60 vision in both eyes as a result - I'm registered blind though I
can still see shapes and colours and things, and some print if it's big
enough and close enough. I've had all the laser treatment they can do, so
they can't do any more for me now. Still, life goes on and there are worse
things that could happen (like not having a pump!).
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