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[IPk] Recording results + doctors

Maybe I'm too late here as others may have responded already to whoever 
asked about a chart to record their blood tests, food + basal/bolus  for CHO 
or high BG info etc as I'm behind reading the digests. I'd recommend as the 
best I've found yet the table in the back of the book 'Pumping insulin', 2nd 
edition ISBN 9 781884 804779 (page 155) which I just photocopy and use in a 
file. The book is pretty good too for new pumpers especially, if you don't 
have it/want it mail me off the list and I'll send you a photocopy of the 
chart by snail mail if it helps. Its not perfect eg there is no proper place 
for ketones, but it is a good start for developing your own.
Also someone mentioned a doctor without experience but very 
interested/supportive of someone wanting a pump in the area of Grimsby. I 
have a friend Helen in this area who is about to start 'campaigning' to get 
one partly due to many other health problems in addition to her diabetes and 
is trying to find a supportive GP. Please can you mail me off the list with 
a contact name/details if you can still recommend him/her. TIA
Best wishes to you all
Humalog + Minimed 508
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