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Re: [IPk] Many new photos of infusion set placement.

> http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/howto/setspots.shtml

Bit of a gory collection of photos isn't it :-)

> http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/howto/insertion-video.shtml

But the video of the guy (?) inserting his infusion set is pretty good! A
very slick insertion :-)

>I've had rather varying experiences with the backside (roughly where the
>back pocket on a pair of trousers would be, and also a bit  to the side of
>that). Sometimes it's been absolutely fine, sometimes I've had high
>readings and irregular absorption. I think it can be difficult because
>it's a very large muscle area round there.

I tried my backside once, and found the absorbtion to be slow and
irregular. It wasn't a scientific experiment, but I haven't used that area

>My stomach looks a bit like a war zone so I'm trying to vary it a bit more
>these days.

I do wonder if this was part of Jeremy's concerns about being on the pump
for too long... I remember an American friend, Ruth Elovitz, recounting on
the US list how she has at times had great difficulty finding good reliable
infusion sites. She's been on the pump over 15 years. It's possible that
the metal needles of the early days cause more long term damage to the fat.
I don't know. That's partly why I use Tenders, with the flexible plastic

I do not use so often some of my "favourite" areas (exactly where the guy
in the video was doing it - to the left and right of my navel) as they seem
to be getting worn, and sometimes do not seem to absorb as rapidly as newer
areas, round the sides and lower down.


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