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Re: [IPk] Many new photos of infusion set placement.

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, you wrote:
>Does anyone have any experience of using different sites ?
>ahs it made any difference to control and absorbtion ?

HI Martin
I've found that the stomach gives the most reliable absorption, especially
the lower part. The hips are usually OK too.
I've had rather varying experiences with the backside (roughly where the
back pocket on a pair of trousers would be, and also a bit  to the side of
that). Sometimes it's been absolutely fine, sometimes I've had high
readings and irregular absorption. I think it can be difficult because
it's a very large muscle area round there. Same thing for the area where
your abdominal muscles are -I've had occasional problems for the same
I have tried both legs and arms a  few times - both times I tried the
upper arm I had absolutely no absorption at all and my BG skyrocketed
within a couple of hours.
I've had rather slow  and variable absorption with my thighs, but I mean to
test this more thoroughly as it may have been compounded by other reasons.

Of course, it may well vary for you - I know some people who have no
problems with arms and legs.
My stomach looks a bit like a war zone so I'm trying to vary it a bit more
these days.

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