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Re: [IPk] Reason for age given


>If you had read some previous messages I related the fact that the first 
>non-invasive BG meter was applying for a licence (and it is British), that 
>possibly due to pressure from some members of this list there is now a 
>good chance that pumps will be included in the NSF, for diabetes, leading 
>on to their inclusion within NICE. This is the first real step towards 
>their inclusion on prescription. One of the main people behind this is 
>someone you speak very badly of, so I shall not include his name, but note 
>that without him there would be no chance whatsoever of the above happening.

The inclusion of insulin pumps in the NSF came from the NSF Type 1 working 
group, which I  was a part of and was raised/discussed by a number of 
people - including myself. I am not sure which individual you are referring 
to, although I can probably hazard a guess and they were not part of that 
group although they are part of the NSF team.

I think it is unfair to make a statement/claim "that without him there 
would be no chance whatsoever of the above happening."


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