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Re: [IPk] Reason for age given

At 11-07-00 11:31 -0800, you wrote:
> > >Jeremy claims that 10 years of poor control as a child is unlikely to lead
> > >to complications. I would disagree strongly here.
>  The notion that children somehow are not affected by poor
>control simply because they are young is completely without merit
>AND HAS NO STUDIES TO BACK IT UP. What is know is that poor
>control in children retards growth as well as normal development.

I would just wish to comment that I have NEVER at any stage claimed that 10 
years of POOR control does not effect children, because they are young. 
Please read every single message I have ever sent NOWHERE have I ever 
stated what is I am being quoted as saying.
Quite simply as what I have said is being misquoted and used as politicians 
and journalists do, against me there is not much point in sending any 
message. So you can all rest assured that this will be the last message I 
ever send to this list. What I did say was that in ten years of 
reasonable/good control complications are not advanced. I did NOT EVER 
speak about POOR/BAD control. The notion, as Michael calls it was not mine, 
and I have NEVER referred to studies of that sort. If you wish to put a 
person down please DO NOT misquote or rearrange a statement so to do. It 
shows very little intelligence.
Farewell to all those on the list.

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