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Re: [IPk] Reason for age given

> >2) the child has poorer control. In this case, 10 years or so of poor
> >control can lead to irreversible complications. Having experienced exactly
> >this phenomenon,  I know which option I would choose every time.
> >Jeremy claims that 10 years of poor control as a child is unlikely to lead
> >to complications. I would disagree strongly here.

There are several examples of kids with problems that developed 
quickly. Two come to mind immediately. A young lady, now a pumper, 
who deveolped very leaky kidneys within 3 years of diagnosis (since 
reversed with good controle and ace inhibitors) and another young 
woman of 20 who has had to undergo laser surgery in both eyes 
already. Granted, these are not common epsidoes but they do occur. 
The extensive studies done on control vs complication rate is 
definitive. Better control reduces all kinds of complications. Sure 
there are exceptions, but they are out of the norm. The best proven 
way to enhance control with the side effect of a vastly improved 
quality of life is CSII using a pump. Statistics show average hbA1c 
improvments for pump users of around 1% and much higher for those 
with poor control to begin with. It has nothing whatever to do with 
age. The notion that children somehow are not affected by poor 
control simply because they are young is completely without merit 
AND HAS NO STUDIES TO BACK IT UP. What is know is that poor 
control in children retards growth as well as normal development. 
These affects are small but visible. The side benefit for a child 
that manages to aquire pump therapy is that they get their childhood 
back instead of the MDI grind. The facts speak for themselves both in 
research data as well as ancedotal information.

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