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Re: [IPk] Reason for age given

>20s than any other decade - with regard to life in the real world. The
>theory behind my thinking is that IF pump control does begin to fade after
>15+ years it would be better to reach that stage when in a position to deal
>with it yourself, rather than, as I would think the doctors' suggestion to
>the 20 year would be to abandon the pump and return (or even start) to MDI.

Jeremy - Where are you getting this idea that control by pump fades after a

Personally I have very high hopes that within 10 years we shall see a major
change in the way Type 1 diabetes is treated. And will look back in horror
at those dark days at the turn of the century, when we used to cut our
fingers open to test our blood glucose level and inject insulin into our
fat, and chaotically try and match it to what we were eating...

But in the meantime I have a life to lead. I shall live it to the full as
ever, but try my damnedest to stay free of complications - so I can enjoy
the party when a decent cure finally arrives.


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