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Re: [IPk] The pump & hypo awareness

At 09-07-00 20:00 -0800, you wrote:
> > What I mean is that I think it most (not all) cases, there can be
> > some an advantage in delaying the introduction of a pump to
> > children, for two reasons. Firstly anything is appreciated much more
> > if the advantage of it can be compared with an earlier time without
> > it. If a child is introduced to a pump soon after diagnosis they are
> > not in a position to be able to realise how much better it is than
> > conventional therapy.
>EXCUSE me!! Should we apply the above logic to all forms of medicine.
>Perhaps the next time you are ill you should go to the doctor and
>have him bleed you so you know how it feels when he uses up to date
>medical technology instead. Or, perhaps all amputees should use old
>fashion wooden pegs or maybe a push cart for a year two so they can
>appreciate a modern prosthesis when we finally provide one.
>I can't believe you actually think it is a good idea to withhold
>modern medical treatment just so someone will have a good
>understanding of how the old treatment sucks. Think how this might
>apply to the treatment of other diseases --- AIDS, cancer and a few
>come to mind. A good example is the refusal of the S. African govmnt
>to provide anti-retroviral drugs to pregnant women. There are many
>other examples of this type of thinking....... all bad.
Perhaps you should read what was written before ranting. I emphasize your 
use of the word just, in your second paragraph. What you have written above 
amounts to libel. If you do bother to read what was written you will see 
that the main reason was to do with research, in this case lack of it over 
long  term use. I note the S. African government's action is based on 
totally different reasons to those stated by myself.
By the way could you let me know of what the tag "rant" means in HTML, I 
would be most grateful, as I am always keen to learn.

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