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[IPk] RE: Recording data

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  Hello - thanks for responses regarding my new pump, it's settling down =
but I'm using a lot more Humalog than I expected too. What do think is =
the best way to  do think is the best way to record all the data? I'm =
still using  A4 sheets of paper to jot down  basal and bolus rates, =
blood sugars and all the other things  to help see the patterns of =
control. All  this info. won't fit into the usual record books- any =
ideas would be welcome. Thanks-Sally.

The way round of recording BGs and bolus / basal data I use is based on
using the dounloading software available with the 'Esprit' BG meter (Bayer)
- the meter itself data and times tamps the last 100 readings which, with a
serial lead and the CD from Bayer, you can download this to yor PC. It is
then straightforward to add the bolus / basal / comments data to the BGs
data and duly print out the finished log book.

I am hoping that when Minimed finally get round to writing their software
for their com station (which is availabel now and on which it is alleged you
can download all the bolus / basal data for the last 100 (?) occasions from
their 507 and 508 models), it should be possible to merge the info into one

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