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Re: [IPk] The pump & hypo awareness

>What I mean is that I think it most (not all) cases, there can be some an
>advantage in delaying the introduction of a pump to children, for two
>reasons. Firstly anything is appreciated much more if the advantage of it
>can be compared with an earlier time without it. If a child is introduced
>to a pump soon after diagnosis they are not in a position to be able to
>realise how much better it is than conventional therapy.

Jeremy - I agree with Michael and Diana: that is an EXTRAORDINARY opinion
to hold!

I don't "appreciate" my pump because it's better than injection. Far from
it. I just accept it as a tool to treat my diabetes. In fact, I resent the
fact that it doesn't test my bg remotely and decide my insulin dosage

>What I think would be a good guideline, until there is more
>knowledge of long term use of the pump, is that 15 would seem a reasonable
>age to begin use of the pump.

I believe maturity and competence should determine the suitability of a
candidate, not age.


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