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[IPk] Waiting to start

>On a different note, can anyone give me a rough idea
>of how long you should expect to wait to receive a
>pump? I contacted the company on 31st May to request a
>month's trial and the first appointment I could get
>for a training session was 26th July. I know that
>there were a few problems trying to arrange dates with
>the diabetic clinic but this does seem like a very
>long wait. There was a bit of a drama last week when
>they tried to change the session to August. I was more
>than a little bit angry and after expressing this
>anger to the company concerned the session was
>suddenly put back to the orginal date! It's amazing
>what a bit of anger can do.

Susan -

This is just a guess, but I believe that, since hospital staff with the
necessary pump training skills are in short supply at present, the pump
companies like to send their own medically qualified pump trainers to
initiate you. They only small number of pump trainers, and perhaps one of
the trainers is taking a well earned summer holiday :-)

Hold tight though! I remember how extraordinarily impatient I got once I
had made the decision to use a pump waiting for it all to start.

Best wishes


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