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Re: [IPk] Fructosamine/HBa1C testing

>Do any of you lot undertake/get Fructosamine testing when at the clinic?
>There is a lot of information coming out about it at the moment, but I don't
>know I have ever had it done!!

My consultant in Bristol switched over to fructosamine a few years ago
because it was "cheaper" than an HbA1c test. But I kicked a fuss - I move
around so much, I need to have my control measured on a more widely used

I believe fructosamine is used in pregnancy, since things can change
rapidly at different points of the pregnancy, and its 2-week (?) average
shows this quickly.

>I am also interested re: HBa1C levels.  I am usually somewhere between 5.5
>and 6.8.  When I am at the lower end, my consultant, always tells me my
>control is "too tight" - I do have a lot of bad hyps and horribly high
>rebounds - but I get the impression that some of you are achieving these
>"tight" levels without the hypos and rebounds?

Yes, Audrey - I get a low HbA1c (high 5's) on the pump without the severe
nighttime hypos I used to have. I have a lot of mild ones, but I have very
good awareness, and this presents no problem for me.

If your consultant feels your control is too tight, that is something for
you and he to discuss. My own feeling is that my severe hypos were not
caused by my "target" being, say, 2 points too low. My hypos had much more
chaotic random causes.


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