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Re: [IPk] Fructosamine/HBa1C testing

>I am also interested re: HBa1C levels.  I am usually somewhere between 5.5
>and 6.8.  When I am at the lower end, my consultant, always tells me my
>control is "too tight" - I do have a lot of bad hyps and horribly high
>rebounds - but I get the impression that some of you are achieving these
>"tight" levels without the hypos and rebounds?
>Audrey Sheal

Hi Audrey.
If you are getting a lot of bad hypos, this may be because you are losing
some of our warning signs. Vicious circle - the more you lose you warning
signs, the lower your BG gets before you realise, and the more you lose
your signs.
The solution is to raise your target BG a couple of points for a few weeks,
and you should see some improvement.
I find that the rebounds are worse the lower my BG is when I'm hypo.
So, this may help the rebound problem too.
Once things get a bit mroe under control, then you can gradually lower your
target BG again.
Hope this helps
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