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[IPk] Control >4 and <8

Hello Diana,
I think that I have been misunderstood somewhere along the line. At no point
did I say that I did not watch what I eat or monitor my insulin intake. If I
did not I believe I would not have got this far without complications.
What I was trying to say was that I have monitored my insulin intake more by
instinct than by calculation. I do not eat pre cooked food very much so I do
not have the possibility to read the carbohydrate content from labels of
what I eat and take insulin to counteract. Those prepared foods I do eat
such as the occasional piazza, I find the carbohydrate readings to be
grossly inaccurate so I usually take more insulin than is suggested by the
printed carb values.
Please don't get me wrong I am not trying to make light of our complaint or
its management. What I find works will not suit others and so on. The
message I would like to pass on is that we should not become pre-occupied
with management but let experience teach us what works best and follow our
instincts more. The pump has the flexibility to take up the slack quickly,
when we get it wrong.

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