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Re: [IPk] Control >4 and <8

>I think that achieving the values you mention are achievable but mean one
>would have to pay a lot of attention to managing their diet and insulin
>intake. Most of us like to live ordinary lives and do not want out diabetes
>to take up valuable time when there are so many better things to do. I am in
>my 27th year as a diabetic and so far have managed to keep things reasonably
>in control.

Hi Sean,
If you can get a good HbA1C and avoid complications without paying attention
to your diet and insulin, without counting your carbs and adjusting your
insulin according to the amount of carbs you eat, whilst still being able
to eat what you like when you like,  then please tell us your secret!
One of the main benefits of the pump is that you can adjust your insulin to
your food intake much more exactly than with MDI, and thereby gain better
control. If you're not doing this, then I think you're missing out on much
of the flexibility and opportunities for better control that the pump
offers you, not to mention a reduction in the number of hypos.

Does carb counting really take up valuable time?
How long does it take to read the package  label or eyeball the food and
calculate the amount of insulin you need to take. Of course, learning to
calculate the carb content correctly does take time, but it takes time in
the sense that  it needs practice, and trial and error, rather than taking
time inthe sense of wasting precious minutes of your day.
Sorry, I don't follow your line of reasoning at all, unless I have
I don't calculate my carbs to the exact gram every time,I don't weigh my
food before eating it, and I don't spend hours poring over my last month's
test results, but by matching my  insulin to my BG level and carb level as
best I can, by working out my insulin-carb ratio and insulin-Bg ratio, it
makes it much easier to control my diabetes, rather than letting it control
me. I live an ordinary life, eat ordinary food, and rarely let diabetes
stop me doing anything (apart from the obvious occasions when my Bg is too
low or high).  I am certainly not a control freak, but the attention I do
pay to my diet and insulin levels is a small price to pay for the improved
control I have, and (I hope) the halted progression of complications.

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