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Re: [IPk] Eating out

>Di - do you really think that you forget hidden extras? If you stuck a
>video camera in the corner of the restaurant, and recorded yourself having
>that curry and beer with your friends, and then analysed afterwards what
>you had eaten, do you reckon you'd come up with a different insulin
>requirement? Just curious... I sometimes wonder if the types of food we eat
>in restaurants are so different from what we eat at home (why else do we
>eat out?) and they cause higher increases in the bg.

Oh...by hidden extras I meant things hidden in the food that you can't see,
rather than things I forget about.
For example, the sugar, starch and fat in the sauces.
Since I almost always make my meals from scratch without "cheating sauces" 
I forget that there can be quite a lot of carbs in them. I only rememberto
count the obvious carbs like the potatoes/rice/pasta/veg./fruit etc.
In general, yes, I think the carb content of the foods I eat out is often
higher, for that very reaason.

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