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Re: [IPk] Re: Control >4 and <8

John Neale wrote inter alia

>it right, and your bg will stay fairly steady. The crucial thing is that
>food ceases to be a control mechanism in your diabetes. You have almost
>total freedom to follow your appetite like the rest of non-diabetic
>humanity. But you've got to hit the food with roughly the right amount of
>insulin - and the more accurate you can get it, the less your bg will move.
For me, and I suspect some others, that would be recipe for massive bloat 
and weight gain.  Insulin plus Rhoda = bloat and weight gain.  My aim to 
get on a pump is to reduce my insulin intake as much as possible so even 
then I'm still going to be very much aware of what and how much I eat....

I suspect I'm not the only one with this problem...

BTW I'm still fighting labyrinthitis (middle ear virus) which makes me act 
drunk without the prior pleasure and it means my staple food - salad - is 
nearly off the menu as it too makes me feel nauseous.

Anyone out there who has had this problem?  If so how long before the 
blasted virus burns itself out. I'm at 5 weeks plus and 
counting....  Anti-emetic meds only work so far.

Best wishes


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