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Re: [IPk] Re: Control >4 and <8

Hi Susan

I was on 5 injections per day, which was giving me a good deal of 
flexibility, I have been on the pump nearly six months now and it really 
does give you greater flexibility and control.

I would just add to what John said about insulin for meals, learning how 
much to give takes a bit of practise and experience but if you don't get it 
quite right then you just need to push a few buttons to give yourself a bit 


At 01:03 09/07/2000, you wrote:
> >I hope that going on the pump is not going to result
> >in me having to be much stricter about what and how
> >much I eat. I understood that it would give me even
> >flexibility.
>Susan - don't worry, the pump will give you massive flexibility over how
>much you eat and when. If you have your basal rates set correctly, you can
>go all day without eating anything if you want, and your blood glucose
>should stay steady. But the flip side of this is that whenever you do
>choose to eat, you have to press a few buttons and give yourself a bit of
>insulin to "cover" what you are eating. Only takes a few seconds. And the

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