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Re: [IPk] Re: Control >4 and <8

>I hope that going on the pump is not going to result
>in me having to be much stricter about what and how
>much I eat. I understood that it would give me even

Susan - don't worry, the pump will give you massive flexibility over how
much you eat and when. If you have your basal rates set correctly, you can
go all day without eating anything if you want, and your blood glucose
should stay steady. But the flip side of this is that whenever you do
choose to eat, you have to press a few buttons and give yourself a bit of
insulin to "cover" what you are eating. Only takes a few seconds. And the
big question is always how much insulin does this bit of food need. If it's
a Mars Bar, it's easy, because the carb content is written on the wrapper.
In fact, all prepacked food has its carb content on it. So you divide by
your carb/insulin ration (it's about 15 for me) - and that's how much
insulin you take. It becomes second sense. You don't even have to think. I
might just look at the piece of cake, and know it will need 2.5 units. Get
it right, and your bg will stay fairly steady. The crucial thing is that
food ceases to be a control mechanism in your diabetes. You have almost
total freedom to follow your appetite like the rest of non-diabetic
humanity. But you've got to hit the food with roughly the right amount of
insulin - and the more accurate you can get it, the less your bg will move.

Hope that clears it up a bit :-)


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