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[IPk] Re: Control >4 and <8

I believe that there are people who make a study of
their condition and
control it to a fine art with diet, insulin pens,
pumps or tablets. There
are also those of us who are careful with our control
so that we do not
indulge in habits which will exacerbate our
conditions, but we do not count
every carbohydrate or calorie or balance our insulin
intake with a sliderule.

Dear Sean

What a relief! After reading the last few e-mails I
was beginning to get very worried as it seems that
everyone else is so careful with what they eat, how
much they eat and the amount of insulin they take to
balance it. I am careful but also want to lead as
normal a life as possible so I don't analyse every
piece of food before I eat it.
I just stick to the low fat, low sugar diet that is
recommended for 'normal' people i.e. lots of fruit and
vegetables, wholemeal bread, semi-skimmed milk etc...
I used to count carbohdrates (exchanges) religiously
when I was diagnosed in 1986 but that is now outdated
isn't it? Maybe I do count them without being aware of
it but I find that if I eat a well balanced healthy
meal then I'm okay. My last HbA1c was 7.6 and that's
without being on the pump yet so I must be doing
something right!
I admire the people who 'make a study of their
condition and control it to a fine art ' but I'd
rather be sensible but enjoy life to the full at the
same time.
I hope that going on the pump is not going to result
in me having to be much stricter about what and how
much I eat. I understood that it would give me even


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