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[IPk] Control >4 and <8

I think that achieving the values you mention are achievable but mean one
would have to pay a lot of attention to managing their diet and insulin
intake. Most of us like to live ordinary lives and do not want out diabetes
to take up valuable time when there are so many better things to do. I am in
my 27th year as a diabetic and so far have managed to keep things reasonably
in control.
However there is a price to be paid for everything and mine has been that I
tend to keep my BS 's low so I have suffered my share of mild hypos in my
day not to mention the major ones. However the major ones have happened
mainly at night so my wife has had to suffer the problems of loosing her
sleep and the difficulties associated with reviving me again.
Since going on the pump six months ago I have not had a major hypo. I have
still had minor ones but I test six to eight times a day so I can easily
interpret these and take corrective action. As well as that, since I started
doing so many tests I have become much more familiar with my daily peaks and
troughs so my overall management is better.
I have never been a carb counter and have eaten normal foods as far as
possible. I have travelled to more than 30 countries on 5 continents in the
past twenty years and have only found food to be a problem on a few
occasions. Most of these occurred when I had taken my shot in anticipation
of what I thought I was going to get only to find out later that there were
a lot less carbos than expected.
I believe that there are people who make a study of their condition and
control it to a fine art with diet, insulin pens, pumps or tablets. There
are also those of us who are careful with our control so that we do not
indulge in habits which will exacerbate our conditions, but we do not count
every carbohydrate or calorie or balance our insulin intake with a slide
The pump has made my life a lot easier as Humalog insulin seems to agree
with me very well and my control is good. My HBA1c would be in the high 5's
to low 6's. and getting better as I become more attuned to the pump.
Do I have any support for my theory.
Sean Seery

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