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Re: [IPk] the pump is definitely helping my hypo awareness

>sorry John. I  am not managing this standard of control either although I
>would like to. I must say I,m a lot closer than I was 2 or 3 months ago
>(prepump). I,ve been taking "balance" too seriously when it was stated that
>you should run a little higher if hypo warnings are disappearing but still
>seemed to imply that the above mentioned figures were a sensible target. (On
>conventional insulin therapy ? I don't think so)

Don't worry Abigail - I didn't think you were :-)

But I do sometimes wonder what sort of results people really truthfully do
obtain. We have all fabricated results at some point have we not? - and
many do systematically I believe. Which is why doctors love an HbA1c result
- the patient cannot fabricate it.[1] The difference with pump therapy is
that that result - whether or not it is truthfully recorded - is used there
and then to adjust the next bolus. So it has real value. On MDI, the
results often simply reinforce your sense of failure.


[1] Though one list member (look back in the archives!) claims to have
"altered" the number on the lab record sheet before the doctor saw it... ;-)

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