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[IPk] Eating out

>I think the carb counting takes time until you get more practised.
>I kow what you mean about eating out - it can be difficult to know what
>they put in it. I tend to guess, test, and learn from my mistakes, though I
>usually seem to underbolus when I'm out (I always forget to bolus for the
>"hidden extras").

Di - do you really think that you forget hidden extras? If you stuck a
video camera in the corner of the restaurant, and recorded yourself having
that curry and beer with your friends, and then analysed afterwards what
you had eaten, do you reckon you'd come up with a different insulin
requirement? Just curious... I sometimes wonder if the types of food we eat
in restaurants are so different from what we eat at home (why else do we
eat out?) and they cause higher increases in the bg.

Just a ponder...


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