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Re: [IPk] the pump is definitely helping my hypo awareness

>Does anyone manage to acheive "good control" ie readings usually around 4
>to 8 and rarely above 10 ,with less than 2 or three mild hypos in a week? I
>wish I knew how to. Or am I being a bit unrealistic?

Oh dear - confessions. Abigail, if I consistently achieved the results you
describe, I would be very smug and contented. In other words, I don't
usually get results that good, but I do occasionally. So I know it is
achievable, but I don't beat myself up if I don't achieve it. Instead, I
look at what I've done, and try and work out if I can improve it in some
way. Sort of on-going self-training. Like much of life I suppose :-)

My weaknesses are that I don't carb count accurately enough. I don't have
my basal rates finely tuned. I lead an erratic irregular life. I love my
food and drink.

My body's weaknesses are that its basal rate requirement change quite a lot
- often unpredictably. Different foods get digested at substatially
different rates. My infusion sites sometimes misbehave.

I like to be 5 or 6 when I eat, and any bg's over 12 normally have an
explanation. I might have a mild hypo (between 3.5 and 4.0) at some point
every day. I test my bg 5 or 6 times a day.

But all in all, I have a low HbA1c, I no longer have bad hypos, I have
considerable freedom over what I eat and my diabetes does not intrude on my
life too much. So perhaps I am achieving a reasonable target. But I will
keep my eye on the target you have set out!


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