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insulin at night was Re: [IPk] the pump is definitely helping my hypoawareness

>I can go back to my usual
nighttime basal. I didn't like taking that much insulin during the night
for no apparent reason.

One thing I like about my pump is nighttimes have become a lot more
predictable.  for the two months or so before I went on the pump, my
nighttime responses to insulin were getting very unpredictable unless I
kept to a very tight diet.  There had always been times of the month when
an injection of short-acting insulin would be half as effective as at other
times of the month.  I think part of my problem during those few months was
that, even when I intellectually knew that I need twice as much insulin to
lower a high because I was going to sleep, I wouldn't take it because I was
petrified of having a hypo in the night, just in case I was wrong about the
effectiveness for that night.

So far, things have been much more predictable with my pump, and that's the
way I like it!


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