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Re: [IPk] the pump is definitely helping my hypo awareness

>Hi Elizabeth
I don't follow your reasoning. If the hypo was because you took an extra
unit by mistake, why does this mean that chips are too much hassle?

Well, that final, accidentally too large, dose of insulin was the third
dealing-with-chips dose.  My BGs ran over 11 for about three hours -
despite starting out with 5 units in the first place, and a (slowish) 45
minute walk on the strand.  I think chips spike my numbers very quickly,
and then the fat keeps the BGs up there for a long time.  And it's always
messy for me to go to sleep when I'm not 100% sure what's happening.  I
almost always have some sort of problem when I do so, although it's usually
high BGs in the morning - which I much prefer to hypos in the night.

Once again, I left out lots of detail because I don't want to bore people,
but I probably just created confusion instead!


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