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Re: [IPk] the pump is definitely helping my hypo awareness

>I chased my chips with entirely too much insulin (this was a sheer mistake
>- I took one unit too many, and I haven't a notion where my brain was at
>the time), and I woke at 12.30am at 2.2 with the sweat pouring off me like
>a fountain.  
>But even in my sweat drenched misery I could see the good side of this
>episode.  And I think it'll swear me off chips for quite a long time.  I've
>been 'testing' what I can do with my pump since I got it, and perhaps I've
>finally learned that no matter what insulin delivery I'm using, chips are
>entirely too much hassle to bother with.

Hi Elizabeth
I don't follow your reasoning. If the hypo was because you took an extra
unit by mistake, why does this mean that chips are too much hassle?
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