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[IPk] Re: Insulin Inhaler

I didn't see the program about insulin inhalers but
have seen a few research articles about studies that
have been performed using inhaled insulin.
I also can't really see the point of using this for
Type 1 diabetics except in the case of needle phobia.
However, it may be a sensible option for Type 2s.
Usually for Type 2 diabetes exercise and diet is tried
initially, followed by different combinations of oral
hypoglycaemics and then if these fail to produce good
glycaemic control, insulin is introduced. It has been
shown that introducing insulin early on in treatment
improves control but this often isn't put into
practice due to fear and inconvenience. Inhalers may
be more acceptable to patients therefore allowing
insulin treatment to start earlier.
Before any new treatment is allowed to be marketed or
tested on humans, they are put through a series of
rigorous studies looking at safety, efficacy,
bio-availability and pharmacokinetics. They are then
tested on healthy humans. These Phase I studies will
also show how to calculate doses, effects on the
lungs, safety, bio-availability etc... These studies
are then repeated in diabetics and are scaled up.
Personally, I think that I would rather inject insulin
as it is so much more discreet than a huge inhaler.
However, I'm sure there must be a niche for such a
device out there or else the pharmaceutical industry
wouldn't have gone to the huge expense of developing
the product.


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