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Re: [IPk] Re: Insulin Inhaler

>In the programme, they showed a woman going out to a restaurant and
>complaining about having to go to the ladies or sit in the car to take her
>injection. Given the size of the inhaler (HUGE) there was no way she could
>take her insulin discreetly with that!

Steady on Di! You seem to be dismissing an innovative new insulin delivery
method with the same gay abandon that many sceptics dismiss insulin pumps!

Why would anyone want to be attached to a pump all the time, when an
injection is so quick and simple? And why infuse yourself continually
rather than using one of the modern slow release long-acting insulins? Not
easy questions to answer, but you and I and thousands of other much prefer
the overall package when we get our insulin drip by drip. And we all have
our own reasons.

I guess there are people for whom this is a benefit. 2000 patients is a
fairly big trial. And most by choice do not practice tight control. In fact
many - sadly - practice no control at all. Among them will be those who
manage one injection a day if they're lucky, and have HbA1c's in the mid

A quick puff before a meal, rather than an injection? That could be the
difference between compliance and non-compliance for some...

Having said that, I am *very* sceptical about the ability to get a good
basal rate from one injection a day. Many German doctors prefer 3
injections of Insulatard/NPH per day to get a steady predictable basal
insulin, without the peaks, troughs and surges from irregular absorbtion.

There is also another new long-acting insulin about to come to the market I
believe which is soluble and distributes itself around the body before
releasing itself slowly over a long period of time. That may be a useful
companion to inhaled insulin - at least for those who are happy with
mediocre control.

I guess the marketplace will decide in the end what the use is for it. But
don't tell the patients! <vbg> We don't want doctors sugeries overrun with
troublemakers, demanding new expensive insulins ;-)


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