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Re: [IPk] re: taking pump off for sport

>Ouch, Di!  Goalball sounds like quite a dangerous sport! 

It's not for the fainthearted - especially because you can't always judge
correctly which part of your body  is going to get hit. And getting
hit is the only way to save a goal!

 Last night was particularly
vicious for some reason - 3 of the guys  got hit in a rather painful place,
within 90 minutes.

  I think you're
>right to take the pump off for it.  I know they're very durable, but why
>find out its limits if you don't have to?

Particularly as I got hit very hard in the chest too, which is where I would
have had my pump :-(

 >I'd agree with you that tabs would probably be a better
option, but on the >other hand, if you're playing for 90 minutes, it's no
harm having something >a bit longer acting.

Yes, but then again, I've got no insulin during this time. By the last 30
minutes, there's not much left in my body, so I probably don't need it.

   And as I know you'll agree,
there's only so many tabs >you can eat!

Absolutely. I think I might switch to sugar lumps - they're a bit more

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