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[IPk] re: taking pump off for sport

I thought I'd update you on my experiences so far with disconnecting for
When I first tried it last week, I had stupidly forgotten to bring my meter
to work. I intended to go home for it during the day, but never got the
chance. I disconnected for goalball and when I got home and tested, my Bg
was something like 15. However, it wasn't a fair trial since I don't know
what my Bg was before.

On Saturday I played in a tournament, and disconnected for each 10 minute
game, then reconnected and bolused 0.3 units each time. usualyl the
adrenalin at competitions does all sorts of strange things to my BG, so
this wasn't an entirely fair experiment either. My Bg ran a bit high all
day - around 9, in spite of taking correction boluses throughout the day.

Last night was a fair experiment. We had training for 90 minutes. My BG
before was 4.5. I ate 15g carbs in the form of a Go Ahead bar (since
my Bg was a little low to be starting exercise). After 90 minutes, my Bg
was 8.5. As long as it doesn't go any higher, I can live with that.
I gues glucose tabs would have been a better option before hand, as they
would have been in and out of my system quicker (Go Ahead bar is a kind of
low calorie chocolate and cereal bar).
So, either this was a lucky chance, or my fears were unfounded.
P.S. The downside is I have a big bruise on my face today where I got hit
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