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[IPk] Re: Insulin Inhaler

>There was a program on the telly the other night about insulin inhalers.
>Can anybody give any  reasons why a diabetic would prefer to use an
>inhaler, given that the exact amount of insulin absorbed into the system is

Hi Robert
I really can't understand why people are making such a big thing about this.
Making insulin inhalable doesn't change a thing, UNLESS it means that
insulin is more regularly absorbed this way than through the skin. If so,
then that's great news. But noone has proven (or even suggested) that it is.
Most people don't care about the actual injections (apart from a few truly
needle-phobics). Would you rather inject discreetly at the table using a
pen, or take a huge inhaler with you to the restaurant? You can hardly take
your "shot" surreptitiously with an inhaler that size!

In the programme, they showed a woman going out to a restaurant and
complaining about having to go to the ladies or sit in the car to take her
injection. Given the size of the inhaler (HUGE) there was no way she could
take her insulin discreetly with that!

I see some  major disadvantages of the inhaler -
 - how easy it is to fine-tune the dose? Can we really be sure of getting
the exact amount of insulin, down to half units or even less? - what are the
long-term effects on the lungs? I can't imagine it would be good for them
in the long term
.. - 10 times as much insulin is needed this way. I dont'
like the sound of that
.. - it's not exactly portable or discreet.
- what makes them think people will get better control, avoid comlications
and save the NHS money by using an inhaler?  Aside from the very small
minority who don't take their insulin properly because they don't like
shots (which was their argument). Many people don't take their insulin
properly, but mostly not for that reason.

However, there are some cases where they could be useful - for example,
those who have particular problems with injections (eg those with cetain
blood disorders, apparently).  
In the program they didn't mention this though.

And they also didn't mention (or I missed it if they did) that you still
need to take your long-acting insulin by normal injection.
There's a link at


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