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Re: [IPk] Questions

>I am due to go on the pump tomorrow and have 2 questions:
>1. Can one return to conventional therapy for a day or so, for comfort or
>assurance if say you are going out for dinner and want to forget about the
>pump for a few hours,

Hi Martin -

Good luck tomorrow!

Theoretically, yes, it's easy to return to injections. Indeed, you should
always have long-acting insulin and syringes in the house "just in case".
But in practice you may rarely want to do this, as as soon as you
disconnect yourself, you lose to the means to control and stability - which
is what you want as you head out to dinner :-)

>2. By how much would you recommend your normal insulin dose be reduced as I
>understand less insulin is required on the pump.

There are formulas, used as starting points. The "Insulin Pump Therapy
Book" (pub MiniMed 1995)  quotes a daily dose of 75% of your pre-pump dose,
with 50% taken as basal. But in practice your insulin requirements may
change quite a lot in the first few months.


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