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[IPk] Making trouble

>I feel quite sad that as doctors yourselves you still
>are labelled as troublemakers just because you want
>the best for your daughter. I honestly thought that
>you might get treated a bit differently. Why do you
>think that being determined means that you are
>labelled as a trouble maker. Are doctors under so much
>pressure that they prefer patients who just do what
>they are told without asking any questions?

Susan - my consultant in Bristol told me he would much rather have a clinic
full of patients who were demanding and took their diabetes seriously, than
patients who couldn't care less and then got complications. When patients
revolt, and do so loudly and publicly, it can help a good clinic get more

I have found that a crucial part of getting good diabetes care is to learn
how to work the system to my best advantage. And this took me many years to
discover. I wonder if patients with chronic conditions like diabetes should
be taught how to shop around, how to get what they want from an
overstretched clinic. My breakthrough came when I found a consultant who I
got on with, and who didn't hand out formulaic solutions, but treated me as
an individual.

With an expanding economy, there is always more and more money to spent on
health. And, based on past experince, that money goes to those who make the
biggest fuss. So if you think you can benefit from pump therapy - and are
making no headway with your current clinic - make a fuss! Become a


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