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RE: [IPk] Letter in Balance

>  i think
>all who make
>choices regarding having children need to think and discuss this
>thouroughly before making
>the decision.this disease has done much more to my mind than it has ever
>done to my body.
>like i said just my opinion.take care.
Hi Sharon,
I think the point you make above, (re. mental problems being greater than 
physical) is very, very true. The same applies to myself and one other 
member of this list describes the "condition/disease" as being different 
from other diseases because it is a 25 hours per day condition.
The psychological effects of diabetes have for far too long been 
disregarded. I personally also "suffer" from epilepsy, which affects the 
brain directly, but the mental problems of diabetes far outweigh those of 
You may be pleased to know that the BDA (apologies if name is outdated) has 
at last realised that psychological problems occur (especially in children) 
and are now increasing money put into that side of the problem, including 
the set up of a team in Leeds, looking into this directly. How much help 
this will be to you in America I do not know, but medics are beginning to 
realise/listen to patients.

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