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Re: [IPk] pump fitting

Hi Amy,
My daughter, Nicola, is 10years old and has been using a Minimed pump for the last 7 months.
Yes, it is very difficult to find a hospital with a knowledge of pumps, but don't give up !
Our hospital have very little knowledge of Insulin Pumps too, but in November last year there was nothing else left to try for her so after persuading them that this was what I wanted to try ,they gave in and it all went ahead.
Nicola went into hospital for 3 days to be put on the pump by the Minimed consultant (NOT HER PAEDIATRIC CONSULTANT!)
in fact, he was on leave that week. Peter, the consultant was with us the whole time, advising ,educating and supporting us.Himself a pump user, he could answer any questions we had and believe me, there were lots!!
When we came home we had complete backup from Peter and he was only ever a phone call away for any of our many queries, and still is.
Our hospital still cannot support me (through lack of knowledge) and I am at present educating our own G.P. as he has now said that he wants to be involved and give us as much support as he can.
So don't take NO! for an answer, push as hard as you can to get what you need.
Bev Butterfield.
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The last message I sent failed, so here we go again.
I am trying to get a pump fitted for my daughter eho is 11 yrs old, and it seems that there is no where experienced enough in the UK to do this. Is this correct? She also needs a tonsillectomy done and although Great Ormond St.have offered to do this via Portland Hospital they have advised us to take my daughter to Yale Hospital, USA. We are at present trying to set up a schedule in Baltimore with Johns Hopkins Hospital, but we thought UK would be less travelling for her and as my parents are still in Wales it would be an added bonus for her after her surgery.
Regards AMY ( Mother to Maytha dx. 3/00 )